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Thread: Thinking about Knoppix 7.1

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    Thinking about Knoppix 7.1

    Klaus K has hinted that he will bring out Knoppix 7.1 at CeBIT in March.
    That might mean we will see a 'community' version of 7.1 in April.
    So I've begun to think about how I will upgrade my Live USB from 7.0.5 to 7.1.

    In the past, I've made notes to guide a manual process or bringing things
    back to some home-grown standard set-up. I'm hoping to automate that more
    this time around. From my notes, I see that the difference between my own
    arrangement and the standard offering consists of three parts.
    1. Lots of stuff in /home/knoppix;
    2. A few tweaks in /etc & syslinux.cfg; and
    3. A few programs added through Synaptic.
    Werner helped me devise a small program to grab items 1 and 2 occasionaly
    as a small tgz backup on /mnt-system.

    For item 3, I notice the following:
    If I boot into my unmodified 7.0.5 LiveCD and let dpkg --get-selections > dpkg.705CD,
    then boot into my modified 7.0.5 LiveUSB and let dpkg --get-selections > dpkg.705USB,
    I can then make a comparison, looking for differences:
    knoppix@Microknoppix:~$ comm -3 dpkg.705CD dpkg.705USB --nocheck-order > uncommon
    (-which looks like-)
        cabextract                    install
        flashplugin-nonfree                install
        geany                        install
        geany-common                    install
        gnome-system-log                install
        ttf-mscorefonts-installer            install
    Which reminds me what I've added to the standard distribution, and presents only one
    small surprise with cabextract, which is probably part of the process of making
    a LiveUSB from a LiveCD.

    In which case, I'm not so sure any more automation is called-for,
    but I'm open to suggestions.
    Perhaps something along the line of dpkg --set-selections < uncommon.
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