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Thread: Ultra-secure persistent USB install wanted

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    Ultra-secure persistent USB install wanted

    Does Knoppix have any releases that are ultra-secure - on a par with FDE on a HD installed distro?

    I saw mention of a "Knoppix Ultra Stealth" somewhere a while back.

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    I think you can use a very strong passphrase to protect aes persistent overlay on usb install

    Personally I use 3 nested level of protection:
    1: 4GB overlay with a very strong and very long (30 mixed char/word) passphrase on USB install
    2: inside overlay I've 1.5GB container.aes (2 passphrase) with my www data server, private file, application, photo, etc
    3: inside the container.aes I've another little 512MB container.aes (3 passphrase) with my private key server, pgp secret key, bitcoin wallet, credit card code, www password, etc
    Level 2 and 3 only on request and using protection

    Note: instead of containers file you can use partitions

    Stay safe !!!

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