I hope we are not being left behind in the 'Browser Wars'.
Up until recently I had been content to use IceWeasel 10 to do
my web machinations. But now I find there are at least two other
good ideas floating around out there:

First, there is Mozilla Firefox 19, which has a superior built-in
capability to render pdf files within the browser. Much, much better
than Xournal. Get this at:

Second, there is Chromium, which can have a built-in capability
to translate full-size screens from one language to another.
Much, much superior to the current Mozilla translation capability,
be it Firefox or IceWeasel. Chromium you can get with Synaptic.
After you have Chromium running, go to Google's Chrome site and
add the Google-Translate app which works just fine in Chromium.
EN users can spy on the DE forum with this combination. And vice versa.