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Thread: poor persistent file

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    poor persistent file

    Hi! (I am not writing here about the PC I am trying to install but about another one) As I can't have my AES container (knoppix.aes) where I want (as I could do with Knoppix 5) containing some of my configuration files, I wrote two scripts, - one to mount the AES container and copy my personnal configuration to the Knoppix session - the second one to copy back the modified configuration files to the AES container and umount: Notes: - I included install of some tools too in my script (Flash, Skype here) - sudo kill -9 $(ps opid= -C grep) because the hardisk on this PC is running from the startup for hours looking for a file, I don't why - I could have had cookies and some other browser datas
    PHP Code:
     # PERSTON sudo kill -9 $(ps opid= -C grep) mkdir ~/Desktop/knoppix sudo losetup /dev/loop0 /media/sdc1/knoppix.aes sudo cryptsetup luksOpen /dev/loop0 knoppix sudo mount -t ext3 /dev/mapper/knoppix ~/Desktop/knoppix/ sudo cp /home/knoppix/Desktop/knoppix/home/knoppix/Desktop/bookmark.html ~/Desktop/ sudo cp -a /home/knoppix/Desktop/knoppix/home/knoppix/.icedove ~ sudo cp -a /home/knoppix/Desktop/knoppix/home/knoppix/.ssh ~ sudo cp -a /home/knoppix/Desktop/knoppix/home/knoppix/.Skype ~ sudo cp -r /home/knoppix/Desktop/knoppix/etc/hosts /etc/hosts  # SKYPE sudo cp -a /home/knoppix/Desktop/knoppix/home/knoppix/Desktop/binaire/skype_staticQT- ~/Desktop/ ~/Desktop/skype_staticQT- &  # FLASH sudo mkdir ~/.mozilla/plugins/ sudo cp /home/knoppix/Desktop/knoppix/home/knoppix/Desktop/binary/ ~/.mozilla/plugins/ sudo cp -r /home/knoppix/Desktop/knoppix/home/knoppix/Desktop/binary/usr/* /usr 
    PHP Code:
     # PERSTOFF echo Do not forget to close all used files (mail, shell, skype...) sleep 10 sudo cp -a ~/.Skype /home/knoppix/Desktop/knoppix/home/knoppix/ sleep 10 sudo umount ~/Desktop/knoppix/ sudo cryptsetup luksClose knoppix sudo losetup -d /dev/loop0 
    yes, that's a poor way from a beginner...

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