Hi all, I often set up routers and other devices that start off with default IP addresses that aren't in the "normal" range of private addresses. For example, a Linksys WPG54G device has the default fixed address of, but my network has addresses on 192.168.0.* range with DHCP. So how to access the web configuration when you're on a "different" network? Easy peasy. Just launch a terminal, and type "sudo ifconfig up" to assign yourself a address in the 192.168.1.* range. Then you should be able to "ping" and get a response. Now you can launch a web browser and do the web configuration on the router or other device. When you want to go back to your normal DHCP, just type "sudo ifconfig down" and wait until the icon on the notification area says "network disconnected", then "sudo ifconfig up" and you will get your DHCP assigned ip address back.