Hi all, I have a desktop that has a finicky combo cdrw/dvdrom drive that doesn't like dvd+/-r at all. So how to boot a knoppix live dvd? I downloaded the knoppix live cd and booted it, then got the knoppix prompt and hit enter, and waited until the moment when the initial kernel is loaded and begins to run and removed the cd boot disk from the drive while it says "Booting the kernel". If your timing is right (you have a couple of seconds while the kernel boots), then knoppix searches for the rest of the knoppix data and will systematically go through all the devices attached to the usb bus. If you have a flash drive that you've manually copied the knoppix dvd contents to, knoppix will find it. I tried this with a fat32 usb flash drive. You can also have a usb dvd drive with a knoppix live dvd in it. Just make sure that you use the same version of knoppix for the boot cd and the dvd or the copied files.