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Thread: Chromium in CD 7.0.5? Where?

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    Chromium in CD 7.0.5? Where?

    I'm taking a look at the release notes at - and there is a mention of Chromium ("Chromium 22.0.1229.94 and Firefox/Iceweasel 10.0.11 Web Browser,&quot. I'm also seeing some references to "DVD version only" for some of the software - but since there is no note of this for Chromium, i'm given the impression that this is present in the CD version as well. But is that the case? cos i'm booted up with the CD version right now. And I cant seem to be able to find Chromium...

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    Chromium is only within the DVD version.

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    Greetings, jf.

    I used the CD-version of Knoppix 7.0.5 to make my LiveUSB.
    As Werner says, Chromium is not on the 7.0.5 Knoppix CD, per se.
    I've added Chromium to my LiveUSB using Synaptic, but that was
    some months back.

    Since Debian has just re-arranged the apt-get material, I expect
    it may not be _easily_ possible to _now_ 'just bring it in with Synaptic'.
    At the present time, Knoppix 7.0.5 Synaptic repo designations may
    not be reliable because of the recent Debian change.
    Knoppix repo designations are always somewhat hard to understand,
    maybe especially so now.

    Some easier options _right now_ are either
    1. Just wait a little longer (presumably days) for Knoppix 7.1; or
    2. See if a 7.0.5 LiveDVD will serve your purpose.

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    hey no prob, utu. I can live with IceWeasel! I was just curious, since as i mentioned, Chromium wasnt specifically marked as "DVD version only" in the Relese notes...

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