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Thread: Disable Firewall

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    Disable Firewall

    I have booted from a 7.0.4 live CD. I have set a static IP and started all the servers I normally have running without issue (mysql, samba, apache) however apache only appears available on my LAN whereas normally I can access this via the internet. Is there some firewall setting I need to change?

    I am booted on Knoppix 6.0.4, I have set a static IP address. I have a Apache running, but it isn't available from outside my LAN. I have changed the port forwarding to a different machine and that is OK, but when I put it back to my Knoppix machine I cannot access the site. Is there any firewall settings I need to change or disable? There is a knoppix firewall icon on my start menu, but nothing happens when I click it.

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