The IBM T30 has only 500MB of RAM. I can read PDF while listening to Audio Books. My Question is: How can I Download torrents on this laptop? On My PC I have and use Shareaza; I click on the Magnet link of a torrent and it connects automatically and Shareaza does the rest. When Finished I use Norton Anti virus and then put the files in there proper places. I then have to copy them to the 64GB USB stick and boot the laptop and now I can use them. But My laptop has no problem connecting to the web; and using Knoppix, I see better download speeds. My problem is; when I select the magnet link of a torrent, I am prompted for a program to use. Please, Any suggestions? I have it ALL on the 64 GB USB 7.05 DVD Stick. And a ton of stuff is available, I just don't know what to use. Thank you.