I thought I'd start a thread about video editing, since this is the main reason that I sometimes use knoppix.

I love the open shot 1.4.3 video editor with knoppix 7.0.5.

I've been trying to edit some large .vob files and openshot seems to hang part way through. Interesting kino editor can play the file all the way, but can't seem to save to another file type.

Today, I tried the WinFF converter and while it took a while, it was able to create a new file (choose wmv) when I enter past a few corrupted places. I can play the new wmv file all the way through with openshot.

Have to watch that I have enough disk space on the video file drive USB.

Openshot seems to be very fast and the basic features are easy to use.

What tools are others using for video editing?

I'm reall