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Thread: what does the boot only iso of knoppix do ?

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    what does the boot only iso of knoppix do ?

    Hey folks
    I just saw some new files in the knoppix release/download area which are much much smaller and was curious does anyone know what they are useful for ?
    For example if you click on the link

    you will see
    KNOPPIX_V7.0.4bootonly-2012-08-20-EN.iso which is just 11M.
    going by the name of the file i would have to speculate that it is where in u can use this to boot either dvd or cd whatever you have in the knoppix_dir folder.
    but not sure.
    has anyone tried ?

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    If your BIOS is unable to boot from USB, you can use the boot-only CD to proceed with a flash disk installation on an USB stick.

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