Just a few notes here about the installation of Knoppix 7.2.0 on an old EEEPC 701 (512 Mo RAM, 4 Go SSD, 800x480 screen).

Works OK, wifi OK. But installation to hard disk (SSD in fact) was painful because of the restrictions and lack of configurability of KNOPPIX "0wn" script. For successful use of the "0wn" script I did the following:
* Modify /usr/share/0wn/0wn-partitioning so that fonction get_disks() only returns "/dev/sda" (the result normally includes /dev/sdc, which causes a bug on my machine because /dev/sdc is not available)
* Reduce swap size in function partition_whole_disk() in script /usr/share/0wn/0wn-partitioning
* Reduce SWAP_NEEDED value accordingly in script /usr/share/0wn/0wn-common

After this, the "0wn" script could run flawlessly and installation finished correctly. Last configuration was to set "xmodule=fbdev" in the boot command line, in order to get the 800x480 screen resolution working.