First off, congratulations on the final release of Knoppix 7.2. With its CD version, I was was able to resize/delete partitions in my HDD successfully

Here's my humble request for the next version.

1. [add] Unicode font
Due to lack of a unicode font, some non-English characters, in particular Chinese, Japanese and Korean (CJK), don't appear properly.

I have some files named in Japanese (damn!) On PCmanFM I can do basic file operations (like opening, copying, etc.) by booting up with the option "boot: knoppix lang=en.utf-8". However I can't read file names by's really inconvenient while rescuing my files.

Here's a list of Unicode fonts: List_of_Unicode_fonts
Some of these are freeware, namely "Bitstream Cyberbit" (free for non-commercial) and "GNU Unifont" (GPL, bitmap). Personally, I don't care even if Knoppix uses ugly non-English fonts since that's the way better than none.

2. [remove] Compiz (for CD)
As some people here have already mentioned, and I totally agree with them. Besides, Knoppix 7.2 misses title bars (which should be a part of window decoration) *by default*. I don't think that's a good idea...

3. [remove] Pidgin
I don't think many people enjoy using Pidgin...Windows Messenger has been discontinued last year, Gmail, facebook, Yahoo! Messenger and AIM work on their official websites nowadays, ICQ...I don't know.

4. [add] secure erase tool
"shred" command is not friendly for non-power Linux users...