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Thread: Using google-talk plugin with Google Chrome on Knoppix

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    Using google-talk plugin with Google Chrome on Knoppix

    Hello Everyone

    I am using Google Chrome Version 28.0.1500.71, on FlashKnoppix and ran into an issue getting Google Hangouts to work. It depends on the google-talk plugin.

    I found the issue to be that once you install the plugin, you need to type
    in the address bar and find the google-talk plugin and check the "always allowed" checkbox. After that google hangouts will work just fine.

    For installation of the plugin it works quite well by installing Chrome and going to the chrome store to add hangouts. On your first call you will be prompted to download and install the plugin.

    For anyone out there is not familiar with installing packages type "man dpkg" for how to install .deb files. Most times you can use "sudo dpkg -i <filename.deb>"

    Good Luck
    Mark N. Stine
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