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Thread: Help Setting up Wireless Card

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    Help Setting up Wireless Card

    Hey everyone, I jsut ran Knoppix of a cd for the first time a few hours ago and I love it. Everything seems to be working great, except the fact that I can't connect to the internet or my network. When i run the utilitly for setting up a wireless card )sorry I'm on windows now and dont remember what it's called) it says that no wieless card is installed. I have the Linksys WMP11 English version. I also downloaded the drivers for it for linux from their website, but i have no clue how to use them to configure my wireless card while in knoppix. And one final note, i can connect to the internet automatically with knoppix running on a computer wired to the network. Thanks to anyone who responds.

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    I've had this problem before. Here's what works for me.

    Remove the pcmcia card.
    Wait a few seconds.
    Put it back in.
    Immediately run wlcardconfig.

    The card should then be detected and you can enter in your wireless info.

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