I recently bought a netbook and installed Adriane on it to minimize how much I have to rely on Windows)and ZoomText's vastly inferior screen reader) when at school. I can't see well enough to see anything on the monitor and I have a photosensitivity that makes the light from the monitor painful, not to mention the back light just wastes electricity. I have found that the command: sudo vdetool dpms off can turn off the monitor while keeping that hardware I actually need functional, but some things(such as closing and reopening the clamshell or returning to the Adriane Menu from Iceweasel will cause the monitor to turn on without me wanting it to. So my questions are: 1. Is there a way to turn off the monitor at boot instead of manually entering the above command? 2. Is there a way to prevent the monitor from turning on automatically? 3. Is there a way to make a simple bash script that will conditionally run either the above command or the corresponding command to turn the monitor on to quickly turn the monitor on/off for when I need to show something to a sighted user? 4. Is there a way to turn the monitor on/off when in Grphical mode(specifically, when launching Iceweasel from Adriane's Graphical Programs menu)? If it matters, I am rrunning a harddrive install of 7.2.0 Adriane CD edition with some post-installation modifications(mostly removing unneede packages, dwongrading Orca and related packages to the versions that work with Iceweasel, and installing available upgrades for installed packages).