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Thread: Upgrading NetworkManager breaks perrmissions

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    Upgrading NetworkManager breaks perrmissions

    (7.0.5 USB with 16G persistent image)

    Hello again dudes

    The most unexpected thing happened lastnight... I opened Synaptic Package Manager, & upgraded NetworkManager, then closed Synaptic. Nothing out of the ordinary.

    Hours later, I booted back to Server 2008 R2. when I was done, I loaded knoppix64 up again as usual to mess around online.

    I noticed that after Right-Clicking the network manager applet in the system tray, & bringing up the Wireless & LAN connections editor (Right-Click --> Edit Connections), all the
    configured connections were greyed out. I could no longer use knoppix to connect to Access Points with MAC filtering activated - from the network manager system tray applet.
    (I know I can use the terminal to change it)

    My temporary workaround was to create a new file... Con-Editor.desktop, & add the following to it:

    [Desktop Entry] 
    Name=Network Connections 
    Comment=Manage and change your network connection settings 
    Exec=sudo nm-connection-editor 
    ...then save it to the desktop. This launches the connections editor as root when clicked, & the buttons + settings become editable/clickable again.

    The upgrade broke permissions some how, & I have no idea how to re-set it, or how to set the upgraded NetworkManager to run as root, or
    with special permissions as the original NetworkManager did (before the upgrade) automatically when knoppix is started.

    Any help will be greatly appreciated.

    ps: The network manager "nm-applet" can be started as root, but Right-Click --> Edit Connections starts the Connections Editor "nm-connection-editor" as knoppix, not root... even
    though it was called from nm-applet which is running as root. So I'm lost again.

    If anyone is confused... nm-applet is the network thingy in the system tray on the bottom right of the desktop, & from it, you can launch the connection editor.

    (7.0.5 USB with 16G persistent image)
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