Ok, I have to say that I am pretty green with Linux systems and I am still trying to figure a lot of things out, but, I seem to be having trouble with my Iceweasel browser taking forever to load things. Anyway I am pretty sure that it is hanging during the loading, and what to check it. I read something that said something about running it in Konsole to see what kind of errors were taking place, and I have run it that way and didn't get any readouts of errors, and was wondering if I did it wrong. What I did was just put the name of the program in it and it boot it up no messages or errors. Is there some other commands that I should include to get the loading errors?

Also, I am working it installed on a SDD drive and not from a disk, and the internet connection I have the last time I checked was .99 GB download speed. I know that is slow, and I pay for 1.5 GB because that is the lowest price that our phone provider sells and what I get is what I can as a ruralite who is very far from the original scource of the connection. I still think I should be getting faster load times, and I am sure when I started with this installation my load speeds were faster. It could be that web sites have just outstripped my connection speeds ability to do what it is suppose to be doing like it did with dialup, but, unless I want to pay 120 or 130 dollars for a sattellite service I am stuck with what I have. Any information on checking for errors on the browsers would be helpful. thanks.