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Thread: HDD install on old laptop with no cdrom

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    HDD install on old laptop with no cdrom

    I have an older Sharp Actius slimline laptop with a 20 gig hd and no cdrom, I've created the boot floppy, and have the knoppix image sitting in c:/knoppix . The laptop is currently running Winxp (argh) and the hd is formatted as 1 big ntfs drive.

    Can the boot floppy read ntfs? I get a kernel panic when trying to load up.
    Or is there a particular boot string to aim


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    Solved.. !

    Ok, I figured out an easy way of doing this (and you guys are all thinking ' bout damned time.. nub '


    I booted another pc with the knoppix cd, setup terminal services and dhcp etc on the main pc, plugged in the laptop with a crossover cable..

    grabbed a rom from for my realtek 8139 card that is in the laptop booted into knoppix from the remotely mounted cd, dropped into a shell and ran the knx-hdinstall (!)

    here I am online typing away.. kde's all nicely configured just the way I want it


    Now i'm just trying to get some sound working, this is the output from lspci -v

    00:0b.0 Multimedia audio controller: ESS Technology ES1969 Solo-1 Audiodrive (rev 02)
    Subsystem: Sharp Corporation: unknown device 1004
    Flags: medium devsel
    I/O ports at fc40 [disabled] [size=64]
    I/O ports at fca0 [disabled] [size=16]
    I/O ports at fcb0 [disabled] [size=16]
    I/O ports at fce8 [disabled] [size=4]
    I/O ports at fcec [disabled] [size=4]
    Capabilities: [c0] Pwer Management version 1

    Any ideas what to install ?

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    You might find this page interesting google search that lead to the page.

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