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Thread: Introduction and a question

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    Introduction and a question

    I am a newcomer to Knoppix, which I found after an Internet search. I was a RedHat user in earlier days (v7 - 9) and more recently had been using Open SUSE, v10 -v13.

    I learned about Knoppix as I was attempting to upgrade to SUSE 13 and kept crashing during the install. In hindsight, the cause was due to the hardware of the machine I was installing on: a repurposed HP with an AMD dual-core processor and on-board NVidia video.

    I obtained a Knoppix .iso and was able to get the machine to load from that. After that success I obtained the DVD .iso and explored that as well. Noting that HD install was possible, I installed to the 500 GB SATA drive.

    All was well until I opted to start the KDE desktop in lieu of the default. Once I selected KDE and rebooted the machine would crash repeatedly with the display garbled.

    More research led me to discover the problem with NVidia drivers; I obtained an ATI Radeon video card and installed it in the PCI Express slot, disabling on-board video. The machine is stable although I may need to address cooling and power supply concerns in the future.

    My reason for wanting a Linux / GNU OS machine was to avail myself of the use of the GCC compliler. I am a programmer and set myself the task to learn C++ and the X Window system.

    So I am posting today to thank all those who contributed to Knoppix 7.2 and to ask where the C libraries are in this installation? Code such as "#include <iostream.h> ..." causes a compiler error. The compiler is installed, but apparently the libraries are in non-standard locations? That's my best guess anyway.

    I did read the caution against installing Knoppix to the HD - belatedly. I suppose if I were to do it again I would start over from a Debian set of discs. My poor DSL connection from home makes that a very daunting download, however.

    Thanks for any guidance on the compiler issue.


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    Code such as "#include <iostream.h> ..." causes a compiler error.
    Have you already tried "#include <iostream>" instead of "#include <iostream.h>"?

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