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Thread: Remastering from the Dead

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    Remastering from the Dead

    Beginner. 7.2.0 installed as-is on USB key, via running live CD and flashing. Alles OK, except for disappearing window dressing, due to unsolved Compiz bug (I have to type "knoppix no3d" at every boot).

    During apt-get installation of various AvidEmux dependencies, a concluding message told me that had been found in an unexpected location (UNIONFS/lib/i386-linux-gnu) and should be removed therefrom. So, I deleted the file, as told.

    I now have a crippled system, where everything from an "apt get" to an "ls" results in a can't-find error for (which was in the same directory but was merely a pointer to I could not even copy over a replacement from a CD. It seems that EVERYTHING RELIES ON THAT C-LIBRARY FILE. Finally with the system stuck (even net connectivity was lost), I rebooted it.

    Now, the same error appears at booting, and Knoppix halts.

    Examining that USB key from another running instance of Knoppix shows no UNIONFS directory on the problem key, where I may replace the C-library file. I tried copying it elsewhere, to no avail.

    So, how do I remaster from the dead my USB key? It lacks only that one C-library file!

    P.S. Remember, I'm a newbie. Please spell out any commands.

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    I think the first thing to mention should be: Do not delete any file in the directory /UNIONFS or its subdirectories if you do not know whether it is essential. Always use the package management software to remove the whole package if the file is a member of a package.

    The short answer to your question is you have to reboot your system with the noimage cheatcode. Then mount your overlay file as a loop back device and copy from /lib/i386-linux-gnu to the right place in your overlay file. Do not forget to create soft links to this file if you have deleted them before.

    The real commands depend on the type of overlay you are using. Is it an unencrypted overlay or an encrypted overlay or a whole overlay partition?

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    Thanks for replying. I tried to use Synaptic, but I repeatedly couldn't find software that I was seeking, including AvidEmux. So, I just would Google the software's name and then follow the apt-get instructions.

    The USB key is a 32GB one, where I told the installation to use the entire rest of the non-OS space for persistent storage.

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    If you use an encrypted overlay partition you have to issue other commands than with an unencrypted overlay.

    Where did you find the instructions on how to install AviDemux? I would try the version from for the wheezy distribution.

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    Not encrypted.

    When the video editor that comes with Knoppix appeared unsuitable, I Googled for others and then went to and tried to follow the instructions there (and then elsewhere). I think that the repository you mentioned is one I used.

    Given that Software Center has never worked, the problem that I'm finding repeatedly is not finding some well-known piece of software (the Opera browser is another example...and that one's world-famous) either in Synaptic or via apt-get. Googling led me to edit things like sources.list and sources.list.d (the difference never explained, in those step-by-steps) and adding whatever repository was described. As a DIY beginner, I feel like a blind man in a dark room.

    In trying to solve the problem that is the topic of this post, I created a fresh installation of Knoppix, only to find that Software Center, again, does not work (I click the menu choice and nothing happens).

    At least, my Etch-a-Sketch does something when I turn one of its knobs!

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    Knoppix is a Live Linux CD, is a Live Linux CD, is a Live Linux CD!
    Live Linux CD means that the computer boots and runs completely from CD. Nothing is installed on your hard drive in order for you to experience many of the Open Source software packages available.

    Knoppix is not a Linux distribution like for example Debian, openSUSE, Ubuntu or others.

    • cannot be upgraded (if you try it, you'll get chaos)
    • offers no updates or security updates
    • has no user management
    • has no password protection
    • is not designed for installation of not Debian packages
    • causes difficulties while you try to install Debian packages
    • requires experience with apt-get/aptitude whenever you want to change something

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    The basic problem starting the trouble is a fairly usual one with Debian package management and incompatible Debian variant releases. The .deb package install scripts may suggest or even perform very harmful things.
    I doubt it will be worthwile to try to patch the USB install - the moral is, always make a backup copy of such installs, and update the backups as appropriate.
    Try using Synaptic package manager - that one has worked well for me, but always update package lists.
    And if a package you are looking for is not in any of the ordinary repos, it's good practice to check in advance that it will actually run on the actual combination of hardware and Debian variant.
    I would not say installing new packages will always cause difficulties, but I don't consider it particularly smart to start with the CD release of Knoppix if you are going to install substantial amounts of extra packages. Start with the DVD instead, that's much more likely to have necessary infrastructure properly installed.

    And forget about remastering until you don't consider yourself a Knoppix newbie any longer.

    As for Debian and Opera, Google tells me:
    Oct 30, 2012 - The recommended way to install opera, is to add Opera's package repository in your /etc/apt/sources.list.

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