I started the Script of this guy (knx-hdinstall) and came to the point with the Partitions.
Some Details about my computer :
I've got one HDD with 60 GB and five Partitions (all Fat32)
So the last Partition is the one I wanted to install Knoppix.
Like in the FAQ I created a logical/secondary Linux Swap with 500 MB and a logical Linux partition with 10 GB.
The hda1 is bootable

Name----Flags----Part.Typ----DataSystem----Size ca.
hda1 boot Primary (Win95/FAT32) 5504 MB
hda2 Secondary (Win95/FAT32) 5456 MB
hda3 Secondary (Win95/FAT32) 10142 MB
hda4 Secondary (Win95/FAT32) 20545 MB
hda5 Secondary Linux Swap 500 MB
hda10 Secondary Linux 15042 MB

so if i want to create this table - there is an error :
Table written - but error while re-reading ! Reboot !

What the hell is wrong ?