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Thread: persistent HOME directory doesn't work!

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    persistent HOME directory doesn't work!


    I am heaving trouble with using persistant 'home' option on hd... I do manage to make 50MB image but nothing is stored there (I wanted to save a text file + was configuring mozilla mail and adding bookmarks), but nothing was saved.

    I love using Knoppix and would contribute ideas for it but just hate not heaving a chance to save my mail and notes locally!

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    Save everything inside your 'home directory'. The persistent home actually is now your home directory. So whenever you logout evrything you do that is in home is saved to the persistent home.

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    Also, once you have created the persistant home, before it works, you have to reboot.

    To use it boot with "knoppix home=scan" ( or "knoppix home=/dev/xxx" if scan doesn't work - replace xxx ).

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    I want to pipe in here and ask a question regarding the persistent home.

    I just booted into Knoppix today. Started reading the docs and was pleased to hear about the perm home option. Here
    is my situation.

    i have two hard drives. one is ntfs and the other is fat32. I want to use a portion of the fat32 to store my files as /home

    What I am confused about is if I make /dev/hdb1 my /home directory, will I be losing data by doing this? I believe I saw a warning about doing this might not be a good idea.

    I dont have any empty partitions. the fat32 drive is where I store all my data.


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