I'm learning Knoppix slowly. My Vista ult. boot dies with a black screen, and movable mouse cursor. I read here about sudo gparted and thought I'd give it a try. results; Partition File Sys Mount Point Label Size Used Unused Flags
/dev/sda1 fat16 /media/sda1 Dell Util. 39MiB 7.02MiB 32.17MiB diag.
/dev/sda2 NTFS /media/sda2 Recovery 10GiB 4.49GiB 5.51GiB
/dev/sda3 NTFS /media/sda3 OS 203GiB 56.4GiB 146.43GiB Boot
/dev/sda4 extended 1.53MiB lba
/dev/sda5 NTFS /media/sda5 Linux 19.53GiB 90.93MiB 19.44GiB
/dev/sda3,4,5 have key symbals next to them, (locked?). sda2 Recovery looks like it may help me fix Vista? How do I activate it, mount it, or, what ever??? sda5 was labelled Linux months ago when learning Linux products was "just wondering about it".
Can I use Knoppix to activate that recovery partition?