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Thread: A Knoppix Leafpad Hunspell Challenge

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    A Knoppix Leafpad Hunspell Challenge

    In Knoppix 7.2, Firefox and LibreOffice both use Hunspell spell-checking.
    Examining Synaptics, my Knoppix uses a Hunspell-en-us dictionary, and a
    Hunspell shared library, but does not use a stand-alone Hunspell program.

    It is apparent that Firefox and LibreOffice in common access the Hunspell
    shared library and a Hunspell dictionary. It turns out a lot of other
    text-oriented software gets on this same bandwagon. See for example:

    It turns out Leafpad isn't on that list. I wish it were.

    I estimate the following resources might be useful to someone having
    the necessary programming skills to put Leafpad and Hunspell in touch
    with one another:

    I think this would make a nice improvement in the Knoppix suite of

    Any Volunteers?
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