Hi All,
I have Knoppix7 installed on two computers running on memory sticks. I have been experimenting with different methods of communicating on my local area network between these two machines and a third machine which runs M$ windows.
To cut a long story short, the two computers running Knoppix have the same computer names (host/alias names) which is causing confusion (as per usual) on the Samba shares. When I tried to change one of their host/alias names to Microknoppix1 and knoppix1 in the Network Settings I was unable boot back to the desktop.
I was able change the names back by mounting the knoppix-data.img on the other computer and changing these names back in the files /etc/hosts & /ect/hostname. The computer now boots again!
My question is...how do I change the name of the computer without causing the above problem???
Any thought will be appreciated.