Running the Live-CD version of Knoppix 6.7.1 makes for some unique challenges regarding adding a template to LibreOffice/OpenOffice (LO/OO). Included below is a procedure I use when I wish to add a template for writing screenplays (movie scripts).
(I won't debate using a newer version of Knoppix at the moment; I like the way K6.7.1 runs on my machine.)

There are very specific rules for page, paragraph, font, and style formatting established by the entertainment industry, and if not adhered to even the best screenplay ever written will be tossed into the trash if it doesn't conform, so I needed to figure out a way to use a GPL template written by experienced LO/OO users. That template is called "" and was written by Anikó J. Bartos and Alan C. Baird. It can be found at and is only one of many useful templates I've found for LO/OO.

Using K6.7.1 allows me to run LO/OO without having to purchase Windows screen writing software since I prefer NOT to run Windows because of virus and security concerns. The problem, of course, is losing the configuration once the computer is shut down, so this procedure needs to be run each time my computer is turned on for new screenplays, or an existing screenplay using the template is opened in LO/OO. Also, this contribution could have been made to a more general LO/OO forum, but since I run Knoppix exclusively I decided to post it here. Perhaps I'll post this Tip/Trick on other fora when I have the time.

Basically a downloaded template is stored in the appropriate folder within the current Knoppix Live-CD installation, and each time LO/OO is opened/run that template is available. Rather than discuss how templates are used I'll focus on the placement of the file.
Close all instances of OpenOffice/Libre

At bottom of Knoppix desktop screen click "terminal window" icon.

su <enter> (super-user mode)

ls <enter> (list files)
"Desktop" (should be displayed in blue)

cd ../.. <enter> (change directory two levels up)

ls <enter> (list files)
"KNOPPIX bin dev home lib mnt mnt-user opt ramdisk run sys usr
UNIONFS boot etc init media mnt-system modules proc root sbin tmp var"
(should be displayed in various colors)

Make sure the repository of the template (USB stick) is mounted before ...

cp ./media/sdb1/ ./usr/lib/libreoffice/basis3.4/share/template/en-US/forms
(copies "" file from "sdb1" to template repository for OpenOffice/Libre)
NOTE: There's a space between "" and "./usr/..." so type carefully.

exit <enter> (to leave "super-user" mode)
exit <enter> (to close "terminal window")

Click on OpenOffice/Libre icon

File - New - Templates and Documents

Select "Scr5 Screenwrite(R) A4 screenplay formatting template"

Click "Open"


An important caveat is once the template is loaded all new LO/OO documents will follow the template rules. In order to create a new document WITHOUT the template it will need to be removed first and then LO/OO restarted.

I hope this will encourage others to explore a means of adding templates using a GUI rather than the old fashioned method I discovered after lots of experimentation ... and failures.

Good luck.