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    Dual Boot question....

    OK, I have been running Knoppix on a HD for about a year I guess, the program is 7.0.5, and I have been having some issues with it and Wanted to upgrade to 7.2 after I got all of the files from the old system.

    The problem is that when I installed the new program I expected the installer to ask if I wanted a dual boot grub or at least create a second boot option in the existing grub, but that didn't happen, and after getting the installation done I was unable to boot the new installation.

    I thought that I could maybe use the linux boot repair to change the program to a dual boot, and boot both of them from it, but, it just created the grub anew and now I can only boot the new program and not the old one.

    What do I have to do to get both of these programs to boot from the grub, so I can transfer files and get information on what programming I need install from the old program until I have it all rebuilt in the new program. I have tried finding the files from Iceweasel for the favorites folder, and they just don't seem to be anywhere I can retrieve them, and no access to the menus to see what programming I need to install so I have to be able to access both to transfer everything over. How do I link the grub to both?
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