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    I have a suggestion for the next release. While I whole heartedly endorse the use of Compiz I feel that one change would be beneficial. The exploding effect when closing windows tends to take too long on a significant amount of computers. You might want to consider changing that to an effect that reacts and finishes quicker. It's the first change I make when I create a new LiveUSB stick, but when run from a CD/DVD it's a pain to change it each time and can really bog down a system. I've received quite a number of comments about how sluggish Knoppix seems to new users, and almost all of them end up being about the exploding effect.

    Just a thought. I love Knoppix. It's my go to live distro.

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    Greetings, MrNovi.

    Everyone has an opinion on Compiz.
    Many power buffs use a no3d cheatcode to effectively turn it off.
    It may be that there are some features of Compiz which Adriane
    users may find useful.

    In your case, you can control the parameters of the close animation
    with CCSM or Compiz Config Settings Manager:
    MainMenu>Preferences>CCSM>Effects>Close Animation>Explode>Duration
    assuming that's the effect you make reference-to.

    You might urge your friends to look a little more deeply into
    Knoppix than just its 3d effects, which are, after all, user-adjustable
    to a staggering degree, thanks to CCSM.

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    Duh, I already stated that I change that on LiveUSBs, but that doesn't address the actual issue which is the resource heavy Exploding Windows being selected by default. Experienced users will know how to deal with it, but not new users. If it runs sluggishly they move on to something that runs more responsively.

    And it has nothing to do with Compiz in general as that is one of the things that draws new users towards Linux. It's just the Exploding Windows selection ends up as a nuisance rather than something positive, something I would guess the developer doesn't want.
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    You can offer your suggestion to Klaus Knopper at
    Within this Forum KK is a rare visitor.

    Please tell him which values for Compiz in which config-files you would propose to change.

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