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Thread: Cannot run knoppix 7.2.0 live distribution or install it

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    Cannot run knoppix 7.2.0 live distribution or install it

    I have had exposure to Linux in the past (principally Mandrake & Knoppix), and have experimented with various Live Distributions.
    My Mother's Laptop runs Windows XP, and has recently been riddled with malware. I have successfully run Live distributions of Knoppix 7.2.00 & Ubuntu 12.04 LTS on it earlier this year. However, following the malware (most of which has been removed) I cannot run KNOPPIX 7.2.00 (16/06/2013) Live (or any other Live distributions). or install KNOPPIX 7.2.00 (16/06/2013) on the C drive (there is 50 Gb free).
    When KNOPPIX boots from the DVD, the program gets as far as displaying the KNOPPIX Penguin Header & the BOOT Command Line prompt. Typing KNOPPIX, 'KNOPPIX lang=uk' or ADRIENE results in the screen going blank. After a while DVD activity ceases, and the PC has effectively crashed.
    I really don't know how to proceed - I cannot erase XP & Picassa until KNOPPIX (or another distribution) works & there seems to be no point in replacing the built in (scsi) drive until it does, I have run out of ideas. All suggestions will be gratefully received.
    NICK W

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    I think you should write 'KNOPPIX' or 'ADRIANE' in lowercase letters:
    knoppix lang=uk
    adriane lang=uk
    I hope that helps.

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