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Thread: difficulty getting the correct time (uk or us)

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    difficulty getting the correct time (uk or us)


    I am having difficulty getting the hour aspect of the time to be correct.

    Right now for example, if I say ctrl-alt-f2, and run the date command, it says 16:17 EDT

    but google says the current EDT time is 15:17

    I would't mind being able to have the correct US time.

    If I say lang=uk I find it doesn't give me the correct UK time either. It gets close but also 1hr off. The UK is on BST-British Summer Time(that's GMT+1). GMT=UTC.

    My BIOS is currently 20:17 If I start knoppix with lang=uk it (if I recall) says the time is 21:17 BST. As if perhaps it is takeing my BIOSs time assumes(wrongly) that it's GMT when it's not it's BST. It then adds one to that time and calls it BST , resulting in a time it calls BST that is one hour ahead of the correct BST(which is the time set in my BIOS).

    I could put my BIOS to the wrong time, putting it one hour back, then knoppix gets the correct time and rightly labels it BST. But I don't want to give my BIOS the wrong time.

    I know there's a knoppix utc cheatcode but it's not so relevant as at the moment(summer) Britain is on UTC+1.(aka GMT+1 aka BST)

    I tried apt-get install nptdate but it takes a long time to update and shows the wrong time until it has updated. As the GUI loads(if I do ctrl-alt-f2) and perhaps even into the GUI loading up a terminal, I do $date and it has the wrong time. Then I do it again and it gets the right time. But the clock in the bottom right still has the wrong time. I right click the clock and click something like "digital clock settings" and cancel and it causes the clock to update its time. I don't like that. If it's going to have the wrong time for any length of time i'd rather displayed an invalid time like 99:99 i don't like it dsplaying a time that is 1hr off, for any length of time.

    If I could get a correct UK time that'd be good and i'd be interested in a correct US(EDT) time too.

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