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I've described this in the Wiki => Poor man's install and you'll find there how to boot this install with Grub legacy or Grub2.

With this installation method you can install Knoppix for example on a NTFS partition with Windows7 on it or on a ext3 partition with Ubuntu on it. Windows7 or Ubuntu (my examples) will not be damaged by this "Poor man's install" and when your are booting this install for the first time, you'll be asked to create persistent memory (overlay file - not overlay partition).
Greetings, Werner and thank you for your response.

I've received two big surprises with this response:

1. I was unaware that your were the author of my first reference to the Knoppix Wiki's "Poor-Man's Install to HD"; and

2. I was unaware of the fact that the Wiki information had been significantly reworked sometime before January 2013.
and now contains the inclusion of an additional section I'm not familiar with:

Are you the author of this section as well?
If so, how does a reader of this section interact with the Wiki to clarify some sections that are unclear?
Is this done via the Forum or via webmaster@(this domain)?

Thanks again for your Wiki authorship in addition to your moderator duties.