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Thread: problem with wireless networking

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    problem with wireless networking

    my laptop on knoppix on wifi was fine up till this morning, but then it lost connection, and I couldn't see my wireless router listed.

    I checked on my phone and it is there.

    I clicked around on the taskbar and saw an option to disable/enable it, I thought that might help, though now it doesn't list any at all and I can't see what I clicked there.

    I have clicked "enable networking", but it's not showing any wireless networks.

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    Do you still have no wireless network after reboot of Knoppix?

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    Yep, still not showing any. It's not even showing the wireless adaptor. I think it may possibly be a hardware issue, it's a laptop so if I want to fix it i'll have to open it and that's a project. so i'll have to leave opening it up for now

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    Check your function keys.
    On a laptop, one of your function keys toggles wifi off and on.

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