I really must be doing something wrong, since Grub is just freaking out, no matter what. What I am trying to do is do an install to HD1 / SDB, VS. HD0 / SDA, so I can go into the BIOS boot, select the second HD (in my case Sata3, if that is important).

Once I have KNoppix and Grub installed on the HD, I reconnect my Windows HD, boot to the HD that has Knoppix installed, and edit the Grub stuff. the default settings that I change is Root (hd0,1) -> Root (hd1,1), and change the /dev/sda1 -> /dev/sdb1

then I boot, and I keep getting the "unknown partition type", from the kernel panic, so it goes out to lunch.

I know when you edit Grub that way it is kind of debug/test setting that do not stick, except for that one time / boot. But those setting should work, when I do a find stage1, it does return the hd1,1

is there a way to have Knoppix boot to the drive from the BIOS, I want two independent setups that are bootable without Grub being on the "first" hd's mbr.