I have a two-disk RAID1 system that had some problems. I have disabled RAID, removed one of the drives, cleaned it up, and placed it back into the system. RAID is still disabled, but this drive boots fine.
My original intent is to use Clonezilla to clone from the cleaned up drive to the suspect drive. Problem is, I need to know how my SATA0,SATA1 slots are assigned to sda, sdb when booted under Clonezilla, otherwise I might copy the dirty drive to the clean drive. From what I have read, it isn't automatically going to assign SATA0=sda,SATA1=sdb.

If I could browse the windows root folder of each drive, I could easily tell which was which. I can boot with Knoppix, and it does show the drives, but I am unable to mount the ntfs partitions in order to take a look at the files (fat32 mounts ok). I tried from both the desktop, and the console using ntfs-3d. I found the same problem with gparted live.

It seems like I was able to do this before. What am I missing?