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Is an iso available? TIA
Actually, the basic idea in Debian-Live seems to be that you roll your own. I have used the standard 7.6 LXDE Live ISO from July as starting point, but I may try to create a new ISO from scratch myself.
I could use the package list from my current running system - but the three most important additions for me, VMware Workstation, Oracle XE 11g and SqlDeveloper, are not available as .deb packages. The two last were converted from .rpm by alien.

The somewhat fundamentalist Debian approach also shows up in hardware problems. I couldn't get Wifi to work on a Asus N53S laptop, but found out that I could fix it by downloading and installing the firmware-iwlwifi package. It works perfectly, but I have to start it manually! With non-free components, wireless is disabled by default!!! While there are no such problems with more politically correct drivers.