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Thread: Mount Windows Share for File/Filesystem Integrity Monitoring

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    Mount Windows Share for File/Filesystem Integrity Monitoring


    I would like to know if anyone has used Knoppix to mount several filesystems (nfs, CIFS, etc) and perform a file/filesystem integrity check?

    I am looking for a way to monitor mostly windows files and shares for changes to their attributes.
    I would also like to detect new files/directories added, as well as see what was renamed, deleted, copied and/or moved.

    I realize this is alot to achieve, but in looking around at the different types of open source projects, Knoppix seems like the most suitable for this task; and Linux a suitable OS for the job.

    Thanks all in advance,


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    I should add that I am also looking into using OSSEC.


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    Hi, I mount NTFS, ext3, ext4 and Fat32 and r/w to/from routinely since I run off a thumbdrive and use the drives on my computers for storage of stuff I don't want encrypted.

    I mount the drives with a simple script, executed from a .desktop file on my menu, that is just pmount commands:

    pmount sdc1
    pmount sda4
    pmount sda8
    pmount sda12
    pmount sr0

    I am running my computers a bare minimum of 2 hours a day, usually 4 or more, and accessing the various hard dtive partitions constantly. The only time I actually boot the OS's on my computers is when I am editing Video or Sound. Graphics I'll edit on Knoppix.

    Keeping up to date on the fsprogs deb packages for the systems you are mounting is probably a good idea. I even have hfsprogs.deb installed in case I try to run Knoppix on a Macintosh someday.

    Regarding integrety, I've been doing this for 3 years with the same two 16G thumdrives across 3 laptops. I am more amazed the thumbdrives still seem problem free.

    There is a reboot-with-fsck-check item on my obmenu

    sudo shutdown -rF now

    I think I have used it on the thumdrives once or twice if memory serves. The various hard drives, about 32 partitions with varying systems, are all fine.

    No idea what OSSEC is.

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    No idea what OSSEC is
    Google can help you.

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