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Thread: Not enough swap space found

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    Not enough swap space found

    Back and still a Knoppix 7.2 user This time with a more modern computer (a Sony Vaio Pro with Windows . I want to install Knoppix on HDD and to keep Windows 8. I wish to install Knoppix instead of Debian because all my softwares would be ready. I could boot from a USB key (UEFI, 64 bits), then I launch the HDD install script. First I use Gparted, I create a 6 Gb Swap (more than the 1 Gb expected) and a 20 Gb (Reiserfs), but the script always complain that "Not enough swap space found". I tried the automactic partioning of the HDD too but I got an error, with no usefull information. Any idea? Is the trouble linked to UEFI? Thanks!

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    What does "free -m" say? Perhaps you have to activate swap first: "swapon -a".

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    thanks for your answer

    I forgot to tell, I tried it too (swap on and swap off), it doesn't fix

    actually one of the partitions can not be accessed thru Gparted, I know nothing about it, I wonder if it is not the point that disturb the script

    if no idea, I'll try to analyse the script

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