I installed knoppix 7.2 on a USB and everything workds great...except it gives the wrong time. This would only be an annoyance except I need to have the correct timestamp on my files. I use multiple computers and OS's for my work and it is beneficial to know which of several is the most recent version of a file.

I've tried using the following:

dpkg-reconfigure tzdata

Current default time zone: 'America/Regina'
Local time is now: Wed Aug 13 10:40:20 CST 2014.
Universal Time is now: Wed Aug 13 16:40:20 UTC 2014.

Unfortunately the local time was 16:40. My actual time zone is CST so UTC-6 is correct. It seems to be acquiring the wrong UTC time.

I then used a time server (20 minutes later)

ntpdate -q nist1-nj2.ustiming.org
server, stratum 1, offset 21599.700910, delay 0.09451
13 Aug 11:00:51 ntpdate[4395]: step time server offset 21599.700910 sec

BTW, as I said, I'm running knoppix on a USB. When running Fedora 20 on my harddrive there are no such problems so I do not think it is a hardware problem.

Thanks for any help someone might give.