I'm currently running a highly customized harddrive install of Adriane Knoppix 7.2, and I've downloaded the 7.4 DVD in hopes of remastering it to better fit my needs. Seeing as how every I use my computer for than isn't Iceweasel is done from the terminal, i am no stranger to the command line, and most gui tools are beyond my reach. My two main questions are: 1. How can I alter the ISO to boot in Adriane mode by default? I'd normally just download the Adriane CD, but that hasn't been released, and using cheat codes at boot time isn't doable with my poor vision. 2. Working entirely from the command line, how would I go about remastering Knoppix to cut out all of the stuff I don't want or need while still maintaining an iso/optical disk that can e used for hard drive installs? This is mainly to speed things up when my tinkering or a bad software upgrade breaks something and forces me to do a clean install to get a usable system again.