I have a laptop that I got from work, and installed Knoppix on a thumbdrive so I could use it for personal use. When I installed Knoppix, the laptop was a Dell and I installed Knoppix 6.4, everything worked fine out of the box. I got a new laptop, this time an HP, but everything still worked fine except for a few minor sound issues. I installed it on a 16 Gig thumbdrive, and surprisingly filled the Thumb drive up. So I got a new 64 gig one and have installed knoppix 7.2 on it. It works great except when connected to the docking station, which has 2 - 19" monitors, 1 connected with DVI and one with the analog connector. Linux boots fine, but when it tries to initiate the gui, it fails saying to try some cheat codes. I've tried several, but it haven't gotten anything to work. The 6.4 version works fine with the docking station. Can anyone give me any suggestions on getting this to work.