There was a problem with the start menu command entry for KDEnlive in 7.4 that wasn't addressed in 7.41. The command in 7.4 and 7.41 is kdenlive %i -caption %c %u which won't start KDEnlive. I fired up 7.2, verified that kdenlive ran properly, right clicked the startup icon, selected properties, then checked the startup command entry which is kdenlive %i -caption "%c" %u (notice the quotation marks around the %c). Edited the entry for 7.4 to contain the quotes and now kdenlive starts and runs. The same change works in 7.41. The problem is that it adds a second KDEnlive entry in the start menu instead of just fixing the original entry. Any idea how to fix this correctly? It isn't such a big deal when running from a flash drive with persistence, but it kinda sucks having to manually fix it each time you boot up a Live DVD.

I brought this up in the 7.4 thread shortly after 7.4 was released but it appears that the right person (people) didn't see it. Is there some other place I need to post this or an e-mail address I need to send it to so that it can be fixed in the next release? It appears to be such a simple thing to fix, but then I've never created my own Distro before so maybe it's a more complicated fix than I realize.

Other than that, 7.41 looks like another winner from the Knoppix Team and my congratulations to all concerned. Knoppix is still my favorite linux distro and I don't see that changing any time soon.