I've got the permission to quote Discussion? (Re: Knoppix 7.4.x CD). You can answer within this thread.

Since it's quite a lot of additional work to create the stripped-down CD
version (it always means _losing_ some software in each new release
since space is limited), my idea (withoutout having announced this) was
to wait and see if there are actual complaints about the CD edition of
Knoppix >= 7.3 missing. Actually, this is the very first one, so I
guess that most people are happy nowadays with the DVD sized version,
and USB sticks large enough (>=8GB) are now affordable as alternative to
the vanishing DVD drives.

For computers that cannot boot from DVD or USB flash drive, but from CD
only, there is the "boot-kernel-only" CD iso inside the "KNOPPIX"
directory, which even fits on a 20MB Mini CD.

On the other hand, since I need a very small edition of Knoppix for
derivate projects every now and then, I do want to continue the CD as
well, but there would be a somewhat larger distance between releases.

Of course I would be happy to discuss this on the list: How important is
the CD "minimal" version of Knoppix to you, maybe someday really only as
a tiny rescue system, compared to the DVD edition?