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Thread: Survey of CD "minimal" version by K. Knopper

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    Survey of CD "minimal" version by K. Knopper

    I've got the permission to quote Discussion? (Re: Knoppix 7.4.x CD). You can answer within this thread.

    Since it's quite a lot of additional work to create the stripped-down CD
    version (it always means _losing_ some software in each new release
    since space is limited), my idea (withoutout having announced this) was
    to wait and see if there are actual complaints about the CD edition of
    Knoppix >= 7.3 missing. Actually, this is the very first one, so I
    guess that most people are happy nowadays with the DVD sized version,
    and USB sticks large enough (>=8GB) are now affordable as alternative to
    the vanishing DVD drives.

    For computers that cannot boot from DVD or USB flash drive, but from CD
    only, there is the "boot-kernel-only" CD iso inside the "KNOPPIX"
    directory, which even fits on a 20MB Mini CD.

    On the other hand, since I need a very small edition of Knoppix for
    derivate projects every now and then, I do want to continue the CD as
    well, but there would be a somewhat larger distance between releases.

    Of course I would be happy to discuss this on the list: How important is
    the CD "minimal" version of Knoppix to you, maybe someday really only as
    a tiny rescue system, compared to the DVD edition?


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    Greetings, Werner.

    As you know, I've always preferred the CD-size Knoppix iso.
    It makes a fine 2 Gb LiveUSB, with persistence. I usually only
    add Geany, gnome-system-log viewer and my own home-grown tweaks.

    Given an 8 Gb USB, I can be in business even a little faster,
    using a DVD-size iso, since I don't need to add Geany, et al.
    I'm not aware of any boot time or execution speed differences
    between my 2 Gb LiveUSBs and my 8 Gb ones.

    Even the CD-size Knoppix has things I personally don't need,
    so I can't complain. But it would, in principle, suit me better
    if I could easily control what's in the LiveUSB.

    Good luck on defining 'minimal'.
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    I am suing the dvd version but I'd rather have a recent version of the CD, because a 4GG KNOPPIX image works terribly slow on a usb flash drive.

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    In most regards, I'm way outside Knoppix's target audience. I have no need for a live CD/DVD/USB, I'm quite comfortable with doing things from the command-line, and even with older CD versions, I found most of the pre-loaded software to be nnecessary bloat. I'd simply burn me a copy of the latest Debian LXDE CD1, do a minimal install, and manually add what I need via Aptitude except for one thing that Knoppix offers that no other distro, as far as I know, does: Out of the box accessibility to the blind via Adriane. I know the DVD version can be booted in Adriane mode via cheat code, and for a sighted person setting up a computer for a blind person, this is acceptable, but unless the knoppix boot menu is fully voiced, this makes it difficult, if not impossible, for a blind person to boot in Adriane mode unassisted, and I lack ready access to a sighted person knowledgeable enough to assist in such matters. I could deal with most releases only having a DVD version, but my needs dictate the need for an image that boots in adriane mode by default. An Adriane-DVD would meet my needs, and I wouldn't mind making the alterations of the default image to make Adriane the default boot mode if there was a guide. As for the Boot-only image contained within the DVD image, some more details on how it works might be helpful. On an unrelated note, how would one go about subscribing to the list since it seems to be a far superior source of news than the forums?

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    On an unrelated note, how would one go about subscribing to the list
    You can subscribe at Mailing List . But it is mainly a development list, not for user questions and you can read within the list without subscribing. Start reading the postings of this year at Februar.

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    CD size ISO would be nice.Less than 1.3gb ISO is many times needed(low bandwith, recycling not-so-old usb keys, etc.).Send LibreOffice and GIMP to the Install Components/Additional Software vault and promote it better. Autorun? And how about being able to download the "Components" beforehand for the offline masses?

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    I don't usually join forums just to make a single post, but this has drawn me out. The last Knoppix version I burned to disc was V. 4.2 (which I also installed to HDD on my laptop to use in conjunction with Damn Small Linux, mainly so I can use the newer Firefox versions which can't be run with DSL). Today I decided it was time to get back up to date so I went through the mirrors searching for the new releases of the CD version (of course to no avail).

    Somewhat frustrated, I searched around for a bit and finally came across this which affirmed my suspicions that the CD version had been discontinued.

    Annoyingly, that's it for me and new versions of Knoppix then untill a new CD release is made. It would take me a few months downloading a 4GB DVD image bit by bit using my excess internet quota, and I can't be bothered (plus I like the extra compatibility of a CD anyway). I'm too stubborn to buy a DVD online (plus I don't want the hassle if it doesn't work).

    Anyway, it's free software so I just take what I can get. I know that if I really want something else I should make it myself. But as this topic is in the forum I wish to make it clear that there was at least one person using the CD as their last grasp to both modern Knoppix and modern Linux in general.

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    I use the CD version and remaster it with the kn-remaster scripts. I dont need all the dvd stuff, just a minimal CD. So I would say the minimal CD version is important for me. The DVD version would take too much time to create a iso. (kn-remaster) (do a lot of test and trial)

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    Yes please, CD for me - everytime!
    Knoppix is my "let's see" boot disk;
    my investigations boot disk:
    my (initial) problem solving disk disk;
    my first choice rescue boot disk;
    my dig windoze out of a hole boot disk;
    my copy user data from dead computer boot disk;
    my wipe and re-partition computer boot disk
    ... in short it's always the first boot disk i take out of my "bag of tricks".

    TBH i don't want to have to worry if this particular computer can boot from DVD or USB - frankly, that's just one more complication that i can do without.

    Give me a boot CD
    with a good partitioning program (Gparted is great);
    a half decent file manager;
    a browser;
    a desktop that doesn't use a lot of resources;
    a usable text editor,
    plus, ideally,
    a GUI front end to install any other packages i might need
    and i am a very happy bunny.

    Previous releases of Knoppix have given me all that in spades and that's why Knoppix has been my "special forces" boot CD for a long time - the previous one was Lindows!

    Please, even it you only give us the thing basic stuff that i have mentioned above, please, PLEASE reconsider and give us a CD version of the latest release(s).
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    I confirm this CD use is also my 'kitbag' use. As I always try CD in problem machines before I try DVD.

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