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Thread: Updating Knoppix

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    Updating Knoppix

    Is there a way I can update Knoppix?

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    Make a backup of your persistent memory!

    Now you can try within Knoppix V.7.4.1 the new version of "Install KNOPPIX to flash disk". There you'll find the options
    • Keep ONLY personal data and settings ..
    • Keep ALL modifications ...

    But for me this features doesn't work. Perhaps other peoples have other experinces.

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    Yes BACKUP !!!
    I have never come across a successful update. Knoppix is in many ways a frozen snapshot just as a Read-only CD- DVD. I think the fact that unlike Read-only media that you can
    save data on a Knoppix partition, confuses people, into thinking Knoppix is the same as a Hard-drive install, which obviously it is not. I got caught out by this confusion early on.

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