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Thread: Updates

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    A good and recent example is "Ghost" vulnerability.

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    Knoppix is designed to be different, not to ressemble any of the latest and greatest Debian-based kids out there. Let it be so.

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    This is about the time when someone trots out that "Knoppix isn't meant to be run as a stable USB or hard drive based OS." But it could be! What I would like is the great tech advantages of Knoppix: ability to make the OS R/O, great hardware detection, small compressed system, persistence with ways to make that persistence permanent. It is elegant and beautiful in these respects.

    I love Knoppix, but the lack of update and upgrade-ability drives me crazy. I will repeat what I've said many times. I realize that Klaus doesn't owe me a developer Knoppix. I'm only asking that he or someone who has conquered the minimalist remaster make it available. Please.

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    While we're waiting for an update ...

    Quote Originally Posted by dwstarke View Post
    I'm only asking that ... someone who has conquered the minimalist remaster make it available.
    While we're waiting for our annual update, you might look at MX-14.3 which is a rolling-release Debian and has menu-driven re-mastering.
    Then you might consider time-share working with that *and* Knoppix.

    See my notes & Werner's on this forum, below at:
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    I can't speak for Live USB, but using Aptitude to upgrade packages on a harddrive install of Knoppix works just fine, though I must say the Knoppix installer leaves a lot to be desired(no way of setting a root password, no easy way of setting up a separate home partition or doing a clean install while leaving an existing home partition in tact, any heavy modification of the Live system causing the install to fail) compared to Debian's installer. Then again, I was using Debian as my primary OS prior to Vision loss forcing me to look for alternatives, and thus far, Adriane is the only Assistive Technology solution I've found that doesn't require help from a sighted person to set-up. If Adriane got ported upstream and an Adriane variant of Debian Testing CD1 was made available, I'd switch back to Debian in a heartbeat. Sadly, even though I only use part of the Adriane suite(only 12 of the packages I have installed aren't sourced from Debian Testing/Main), there's one package in the dependancy tree of Adriane that isn't available from the Knoppix repository, which would prevent any attempts at installing Adriane on vanilla Debian.

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