using latest 7.4.2 DVD.
Terminal Server works great after fixing /etc/init.d/knoppix-terminalserver init=/etc/init --> init=/sbin/init.

I can boot any client over PXE, it's just amazing. But I my client don't get a network gateway for some reason.
Everything works well on the server side. It's booted under a bridged VirtualBox on Windows 7

And I cannot add the route manually on clients since I can't get past any su -, sudo or passwd.
I couldn't figure the password. hahem, sounds stupid but I couldn't find it on Google or this forum.
Works fine without any password on server though.

Additionally, I have some device on the LAN that get confused with the terminal server DHCPD: they get IP from its range instead of from the router. Is there a way to avoid this ?