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Thread: 1-SWAP_FILES_FOLDERS 2- Meaning of Starred Posts?

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    1-SWAP_FILES_FOLDERS 2- Meaning of Starred Posts?

    Hi Please excuse me eventually. I post in this forum because I do'nt know the GOOD FORUM where to post !!!! Perhaps I shall need to post in "Laptop Forum"

    I posted twice in "General Support" :
    1- Changing Temp Folder" 2- Swap_files_Folder etc

    A long time ago (knoppix 5*) I encountered "swap_files and swap_folders to choose freely during HD_installation. It seems to have disappeared with 6.* and 7.* : due, perhaps, to the NOW BIG HD and Memory.

    I have a (very) old laptop: initially with 512Mo_Ram which I extend to a 2x512Mo_Ram (=1GO_Ram).

    Sometimes I need LARGER Place ( I saw it was a Ram_Place and HD_Place because I succeded to copy very BIG FILES_FOLDERS in many processes NOT AT ONCE!).

    I need creating such Swap_files_folders to go FASTER (I think!)!

    1- How to create SWAP_Files_Folders for the new Versions from 6.* ?? It was easy for old versions (5.1* for example)

    2- What is the Meaning of "STARRED" POSTS ?

    3- How to close or delete a thread or a post? Thanks knp

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    Greetings, knp.
    I don't know what you are trying to do but I can tell you a few things that may explain some of your non-response experience:
    1. I use Knoppix as a LiveUSB. I've never bothered with swap, even before zram was added. Now that Knoppix has zram,
    there is practically no reason to use swap.
    2. There isn't a lot of activity on this forum at the moment. You might find more respondees at other distributions.
    I can recommend Mint, Ubuntu, PCLinuxOS and MX/Mepis all as interesting and active. Look around; you can come back anytime.

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    Thanks you utu

    I think I have "just" a Ram_Problem about transfering very large folders onto other HD (some Go).

    I have found a derivative solution by 7-Zip_splitting

    This method is a bit longer than using "swap" but faster than simply copying with previously selected files or subfolders. I have heared a bit about Zram but I am too a newbie !

    Can you tell me about "stars" appearing sometimes in the list of Forum_Posts ?

    Thanks you for your propositions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by knp View Post
    Can you tell me about "stars" appearing sometimes in the list of Forum_Posts ?
    If you mean the small gold stars, like sometimes five in a row? These are indiscriminately awarded ratings not reviewed
    or confirmed by anyone. Don't take them seriously. It's a *bug* not a *feature* of this forum IMO. Unless they are on
    one of my posts, in which case I concur in the astute judgement indicated thereby. And Werner's posts too, of course.
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    Thanks utu

    Yes I meant the 5 small golden stars.

    I saw nothing "like" an explanation... beside "icons" for example.

    They do not appear inside any of the posts I have known.

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    Hi utu

    1- I have found a real problem of mine encountered sometimes but I forgot:
    ( in addition to the probable Ram one?...).
    a- In my system certain files are sometimes difficult to transfer.
    This occures with files generally coming from Firefox or mail
    program (thunderbird etc...) files like *.js or *.css etc..
    b- The use of NTFS (surprisingly for knoppix 7.* (and 6.*). Copying
    works sometimes and not sometimes.
    2- My final solution using almost 5 minutes (against
    indeteterminated time) is to use HBCD_liveCD which allows
    easily NTFS operations.

    This situation does not satisfy me because I loose a part of my freedom when using
    Knoppix (or another system perhaps?!...).

    3- I catch this occasion (NOT URGENT) to ask you about ReiserFS:
    After formatting_Reiserfs a partition via GParted I never succeed to write on this
    partition using Knoppix (even for creating any folder!)

    Is this a kind of uncompatibily? If Yes why, Knoppix himsel using ReiserFS?

    Thank you

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