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Thread: virtual box not running giving error

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    virtual box not running giving error


    I am trying to run virtual box but after creating a simple machine when i start it i get the following message:

    RTR3InitEx failed with rc=-1912 (rc=-1912)
    The VirtualBox kernel modules do not match this version of VirtualBox. The installation of VirtualBox was apparently not successful. Executing
    '/etc/init.d/vboxdrv setup'
    may correct this. Make sure that you do not mix the OSE version and the PUEL version of VirtualBox.
    i tried using original update 4.3 one from virtual box website- not working same error.
    i tried using repositary given on their website - not working same error.
    i tried uninstalling it and then updating it -not working same error.

    I am try not to select the ose version even then it dosen't work.

    what am i missing here. Is there a solution.

    Thank you


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    The only solution for me has been: purge all of VirtualBox within Knoppix 7.4.2 and install the latest version from Virtualbox website.

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    A Quick Fix

    Hi, guys:

    While peeking around the /etc/init.d/vboxdrv available exclusively from Oracle's VBox package, I stumbled upon a quick but dirty fix for this particular error seen on KNOPPIX 7.4.2 which is to delete the device, /dev/vboxdrv , before launching the program by either executing startvirtualbox in terminal or clicking the entry in Start Menu > System Tools > VirtualBox. After digging a bit, this device seems to originate from /KNOPPIX/lib/udev/devices/vboxdrv created by the early version of virtualbox (2009).
    knoppix@Microknoppix:~$ ls -l /KNOPPIX/lib/udev/devices/vb*
    crw-rw---- 1 root avahi 10, 59 Feb  7  2009 /KNOPPIX/lib/udev/devices/vboxdrv
    For some reason, VirtualBox 4.3.14 plays well with this existing device on KNOPPIX 7.2 but gets indigestion on 7.4.2. It may be more ideal to delete this stub once and for all and let the vboxdrv module create the needed device by itself during loading.

    Just for a side note, the name of virtualbox has been changed from virtualbox to VirtualBox, so Line 5 of startvirtualbox script probably needs to be amended accordingly in order to avoid killing the already running vbox-related modules by accident.

    The vbox-related scripts from Oracle's package (version 4.2.6) are attached in case it is of interest.

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    Update -- 14/OCT

    Sorry to bump up this stone-cold thread, but I just got trapped by the same error message again while transplanting the KNOPPIX 7.4.2 to a bit newer laptop yesterday. After messing around for a while, I just realised that, apart from the existence of the old /dev/vboxdrv, running with 64-bit kernel was also another cause for the error.

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    Here is the error I am getting any tips I would be grateful!...

    The virtual machine 'Windows XP' has terminated unexpectedly during startup with exit code 1 (0x1).
    Result Code: NS_ERROR_FAILURE (0x80004005)
    Component: MachineWrap
    Interface: IMachine {f30138d4-e5ea-4b3a-8858-a059de4c93fd}
    Here is the content of my vboxconfig file...

    # Oracle VM VirtualBox
    # VirtualBox Linux post-installer common portions
    # Copyright (C) 2015 Oracle Corporation
    # This file is part of VirtualBox Open Source Edition (OSE), as
    # available from This file is free software;
    # you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU
    # General Public License (GPL) as published by the Free Software
    # Foundation, in version 2 as it comes in the "COPYING" file of the
    # VirtualBox OSE distribution. VirtualBox OSE is distributed in the
    # hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY of any kind.
    # Put bits of the post-installation here which should work the same for all of
    # the Linux installers.  We do not use special helpers (e.g. dh_* on Debian),
    # but that should not matter, as we know what those helpers actually do, and we
    # have to work on those systems anyway when installed using the all
    # distributions installer.
    # We assume that all required files are in the same folder as this script
    # (e.g. /opt/VirtualBox, /usr/lib/VirtualBox, the build output directory).
    # This is GNU-specific, sorry Solaris.  It fails on directories ending in '\n'.
    MY_PATH="$(dirname $(readlink -f -- "${0}"))"
    cd "${MY_PATH}"
    . "./"
    while test -n "${1}"; do
     case "${1}" in
                echo "Bad argument ${1}" >&2
                exit 1
    # Install runlevel scripts and systemd unit files
    install_init_script "${TARGET}/" vboxdrv
    install_init_script "${TARGET}/" vboxballoonctrl-service
    install_init_script "${TARGET}/" vboxautostart-service
    install_init_script "${TARGET}/" vboxweb-service
    delrunlevel vboxdrv
    addrunlevel vboxdrv
    delrunlevel vboxballoonctrl-service
    addrunlevel vboxballoonctrl-service
    delrunlevel vboxautostart-service
    addrunlevel vboxautostart-service
    delrunlevel vboxweb-service
    addrunlevel vboxweb-service
    ln -sf "${MY_PATH}/" /sbin/vboxconfig
    test -n "${START}" &&
        start_init_script vboxdrv
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    Just did a quick trial run to boot up a Win2K virtual machine using VirtualBox 5.0.8 (built for wheezy, downloaded from Oracle) on KNOPPIX 7.4.2 (Live Mode), and got a similar error message when the modules of vboxdrv, vboxnetadp, vboxnetflt and vboxpci had not been loaded in advance. By any chance, was there an error message of " Kernel driver not installed ( rc=-1908 )" popping up while booting up the virtual machine? If it's the case, a quick fix could be to start the VirtuaBox using the terminal command of startvirtualbox or the menu entry of Start Menu > System Tools > VirtualBox. By the way, the original shell script of startvirtualbox doesn't load the vboxpci module, so you may need to take that into account if there is still no joy.

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