I am trying to run virtual box but after creating a simple machine when i start it i get the following message:

RTR3InitEx failed with rc=-1912 (rc=-1912)

The VirtualBox kernel modules do not match this version of VirtualBox. The installation of VirtualBox was apparently not successful. Executing

'/etc/init.d/vboxdrv setup'

may correct this. Make sure that you do not mix the OSE version and the PUEL version of VirtualBox.
i tried using original update 4.3 one from virtual box website- not working same error.
i tried using repositary given on their website - not working same error.
i tried uninstalling it and then updating it -not working same error.

I am try not to select the ose version even then it dosen't work.

what am i missing here. Is there a solution.

Thank you